Land sales still strong

We all know the sayings. ‘Location location location’ or ‘position position position’.

Commonly we hear ‘its not what it is, its where it is that matters’. There is more than an element of truth in all these sayings and despite the scarcity of vacant land in our area, so far in 2010/11, land sales have accounted for around 40% of all the sales at Great Ocean Road Real Estate – Aireys Inlet.

Many of these sales have been in the Narani Way land subdivision in Fairhaven, also a front row block at Eastern View but also a number of these sales have been residential blocks around 800m2 on the beach side of the Great Ocean Road. Of these there will always be a limited number because no government or council can physically create land that isn’t there and unless the Great Ocean Road moves or the town boundaries change this physically cannot alter.

If you own a vacant block in the area and you are interested to know what it might be worth in today’s market, please contact us. If you are seeking a vacant block in the area, please also contact us as we do have some quiet listings not being marketed which might be of interest to you.

We hope to see you on the coast this weekend.

Real Estate Aireys Inlet

James Worssam
0418 585 815

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