‘The time to buy is now!’

The time to buy is now. The time to buy is always now.

Historically real estate prices in our area have only ever gone two ways. Up, and up even further. Often I see buyers struggling to make the commitment to purchase. Sometimes I have been showing them properties for up to a decade. They have watched prices double and even triple in price.

The same can also be said for owners looking to sell. For many, the decision to sell can be a heart-wrenching one. Just this weekend I sat with a couple of elderly vendors, who first invited me up to their fantastic property in Fairhaven in 2005.
Almost annually the decision is made to sell, only to be changed within 48 hours each time.

As one of them said to me on Saturday:
‘How will I cope with not watching the sun rise over the Lighthouse each morning? Or seeing the full moon reflect on the Inlet a couple of times a year?’

Sometimes there is no easy answer.

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