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In what is traditionally a quiet month in our area, June has so far seen two sales take place over $2m and one sale just under $2m. Two of these sales finished a fair way below the original price being sought, but this was more a case of the price being sought as too high rather than a disappointing result. These good results are contrary to a recent period of low activity in the top end.

There are buyers in the market ready and waiting to transact with vendors who are realistic about the value of their property. In addition to these sales

offer on another property around $2.5m in the past week. At this stage some vendors are refusing to listen to what the market is saying.

As agents we can advise how to best present a property and how to best market a property, but the main determinant in any sale is always the price.

Open for Inspection

Sunday June 24

Narani Way 11.00 – 11.45

James Worssam


0418 585 815

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