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You may have noticed that from time to time I refer to ‘off market’ sales or transactions.  These occur in circumstances whereby a property, be it house or land, sells with no internet listing, no for sale signs and no marketing campaign.

In fact this week I have made another off market sale in Moggs Creek as well as one two weeks ago.

So how does this happen?  Like every good estate agency, we have an extensive data base of buyers.  Many of these buyers are quite specific as to their wants and needs in a coastal property.  Many however are less so.

Often when asked to appraise a property’s value for an owner, they ask ‘do you have anyone on your books who might be interested in our property?’ Or in some cases I ask an owner ‘if I had someone interested in your property today, would you look at selling without all the preparation, advertising and expense?’

Of course this can only be investigated once you have discussed and agreed on the value.  Provided this has been done, a sale can often be closed.

Sometimes they are sold in the initial period before the marketing has commenced or even whilst the property is being tidied up for sale.

More than anything it highlights the need to be open and forthright with your agent.  It is fine to rely on the internet and subscribe to the alerts from the various websites, however to rely only on that medium means that you may be missing out on other opportunities.



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