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I woke this morning as usual, very early around 4.30am. After trying unsuccessfully to get back to sleep I fluffed around the house for while. After checking the wind and swell conditions on the internet I decided that perhaps an early morning surf was in order once it was light enough.

After walking down the track at the end of my street to the beach and along the cold sand, my feet were starting to lose all feeling. At this time of the year the water is not too cold and is often much warmer than the air on many early mornings and it was actually quite a relief when I jumped into the water.

After having the surf to myself for around thirty minutes, a steady trickle of other surfers joined me as the sun made a spectacular entrance to the day. A couple of hours later I walked back along the same sand and up the same track to home.

After hearing so much bad news recently about Australians being executed in Bali, devastating earthquakes in Nepal and the like, I reflected how lucky I was to be commencing the day as I was. I have always found that surfing is one of the best ways to block out what is happening elsewhere.

As I walked in my back door I felt energised and ready to start the day. My phone was beeping at me on the kitchen bench. There were a number of messages which told me that a much loved local lady had lost her battle with cancer this morning aged only 58. This same person herself used to love getting in the surf or walking with her dog on the beach. RIP Suzette.

Pinch yourself people. No matter how bad it may seem there are others worse off, not necessarily in Bali or Nepal, but maybe next door.


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