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So it’s official.  Patrick Dangerfield is going to Geelong and Moggs Creek is now on the map.  The worst kept secret in football is big news, although many of us close to the action had our suspicions long ago.  Patrick has been renovating his Moggs Creek house for a number of months and it made sense that he was doing so for his imminent return.

The sleepy little hamlet previously unknown to many is now known as home to one of the AFL’s biggest stars.

A double page spread in Thursdays Herald Sun followed a six page spread earlier this week in the Geelong Advertiser.  The Herald Sun even included an aerial photo of Moggs Creek.  A tightly held area for real estate sales for a number of years, Moggs Creek properties are highly sought after with many of the sales taking place in ‘off market’ transactions.

Meanwhile work on the Fairhaven pedestrian tunnel continues and is really starting to take shape.

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