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Some beautiful weather along the Great Ocean Road this week, combined with very early sunrises allowed for some great bike riding opportunities for the early birds amongst us.  I personally had an exhilarating ride to Mount Defiance on Wednesday morning and as I made my way home I thought to myself, how good life is.

As I got ready for work, I flicked the TV on for the morning news and was instantly reminded of how the French must be feeling.  It was very sobering.  Suddenly my exhilaration was replaced by a deep sadness.  Will our world ever be the same again?

I guess when one looks back in history there are many events which have occurred which would have caused people to think the same thing.  WWI and II, the threat of communism, the threat of nuclear war, climate change etc. etc.  Life however goes on.

In more local news, stage 2 of the Fairhaven underpass construction is underway which has reduced traffic lanes into one lane only.  This is expected to continue until the 4th of December.

FSLC 20.11.15


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