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If you don’t already know it, this recent spell of warm weather only confirms that summer is here.  To me, mid December is one of the best times down here as the weather has generally improved but the hordes haven’t yet descended.  There are certainly many people around but with the early sunrises at this time of the year you can still find the beach all to yourself.

Yesterday I took an early bike ride to Mt Defiance and the road was empty until around 6.30.  Given it is light just after 5am, I have been utilizing the early mornings recently.  Today I took the dogs to  the beach and walked from Moggs Creek to Spout Creek without encountering another soul.

This is all about to change however and this time next week we will be preparing for a fat man in a red suit to start descending down the chimney and this will also signal the arrival of thousands of holiday makers…….


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