Our Backyard – Aireys Inlet

On Tuesday afternoon we had tenders close for a stunning block of land for sale on the clifftops at Fairhaven.

Following a successful targeted marketing campaign, we sold the property for a superb price.  Whilst the price will remain undisclosed, I can tell you it is the highest price paid for a single dwelling vacant block between Aireys Inlet and Eastern View.

The discerning buyer understood the value of front row real estate.  This sale sets a new benchmark for land in the area although this is hardly surprising given that the last three front row house sales in Fairhaven have been at, or in excess of $3,000,000.

In other news a plan has been announced to open Painkalac Reservoir to the public for walking, bird watching and recreational fishing.

The reservoir will be taken out of service when Aireys Inlet and Fairhaven are connected to the Geelong water supply system via a pipeline from Anglesea.

The changeover, which will provide coastal communities with a more secure water supply, is expected to occur this year.


James Worssam


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