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Welcome to Aireys Inlet

Thank heavens!  Tomorrow is election day and we can finally put an end to this long, drawn out campaign.  Personally I am sick and tired of all the coverage, all the interviews, the debates, the promises etc. etc.

Locally, we live in Corangamite which is Victoria’s most marginal seat.  Held by Liberal MP Sarah Henderson which she won in 2013 with a margin of just over 7,000 votes.

ALP candidate Libby Coker, an Aireys Inlet resident, will stand following a win in the pre selection contest to replace Darren Cheeseman who held the seat for six years from 2007.

The polling booth is at the Aireys Inlet Community Centre, 6 Great Ocean Road and is open between 8am and 6pm.


James Worssam


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