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A nice drop of rain greeted the Surf Coast this morning after a dry week.  Despite Melbourne sweltering through 37’ heat on Tuesday, it was a much more comfortable 31’ in Aireys Inlet.

The heat was certainly on at centre court on Wednesday night in the Australian Open match between Nick Kyrgios and Italian Andreas Seppi.

I was excited to sit down and watch the talented Aussie.  Call me old fashioned but I was appalled at Kyrgios’ behaviour and I was glad he was booed off the court.  This bloke has so much talent but he struts around like the world owes him something.  His fluoro yellow socks and shoes, his haircut, but most of all the tantrums on centre court in his home Grand Slam are a disgrace.

The great Tom McEnroe was quick to criticise him and let’s face it no one knows more about tantrums than the Superbrat but his tantrums were often simply gamesmanship, and regularly resulted in wins for McEnroe.  Kyrgios however folded like a cheap suit on Wednesday and displayed an attitude and petulance better suited to a kindergarten yard.

Let’s hope he puts his dummy back in and represents himself and his country better in the future.

Look out for a new listing on the beach side of the Great Ocean Road in Aireys Inlet about to hit the market.  List price $650,000.

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