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Welcome to Aireys Inlet

After a rather mild autumn, the winter weather patterns have hit the coast.  As I write the roads are wet and the wind is cool, however there is still a healthy level of activity around the township.  My family and I enjoyed Mother’s Day at the Aireys Inlet Pub this year and just to be on the safe side I booked us a table through their new online booking system.  Lucky I did, because as I walked in the place was abuzz with families celebrating what has got to be one of the most important dates of the year-Mother’s Day. One of the fantastic Aireys Pub crew said it was the busiest Sunday lunches they’ve had, and with smoked meats being smoked to perfection in big kettle BBQ’s on the front lawn where else would you want to be?  Summer is great on the coast but I think I nearly enjoy this time of year more with slightly less people to contend with, more consistent surf and a ruggedly beautiful coastline to enjoy anyway you please.


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