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The results of our latest census reveal who we are, where we live, what we do, how we work and how we lead our lives.

Amazingly, our population is 23,401,892.  I’m not very old, yet I can remember when it was around 13,000,000.  Does that mean in another thirty years our population could be around 50,000,000?  Surely not!

Our eastern mainland is still where most Australians call home, with almost eight in ten people living in NSW, Victoria, Queensland or the ACT.  Plenty of us, 7 in 10 in fact, live in our capital cities.

Melbourne is growing at a rapid rate and sits only just behind Sydney in population at 4.4 million with Sydney at 4.8 million.

Our median age is 38.  It was 23 in 1911, 28 in 1966 and 37 in 2011.

We are still a nation of home owners, or aspirational home owners, however the proportion renting is slowly growing, while those who have the good fortune of owning outright are declining.

As a nation, there are more of us, we’re living longer, becoming more urbanised, more diverse, less religious, living closer together, earning more and forming the same type of family unit.


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