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I read an interesting article this week about property and how our parent’s relationship to property impacts on our own relationship to property.

Obviously housing affordability and income are the major variables as to whether or not we own our own home, however a 2016 report in the US suggests that family history also plays a significant part.

The report found that adults with parents who owned a home were almost three times more likely to buy a house as people whose parents rented.

Personally, my father wasn’t in real estate but he certainly had a strong leaning towards real estate investing and I have hazy memories of his anger at the introduction of an assets test on pensions in the mid 1980’s.  That said, he certainly encouraged me to get into the real estate market as soon as possible and looking back, for me it was one of the best things I could have done.

What about you?  Did you inherit your parent’s relationship to property?  I’m keen to hear your thoughts.


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