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I am often asked my opinion on whether prices will ever stop rising in our region, the Great Ocean Road.  There are many who can remember the mid 90’s when real estate was a little ‘on the nose’.

It’s always hard to know and I am certainly no expert, however there are three factors for me that stand out.

1.  HISTORY – I remember in the mid 90’s when there were numerous houses for sale here under $100,000 and $350,000 would buy you a clifftop property.  Now these properties are $600,000 and $3,000,000.

2.  THE BEACH – Australians have always had a love affair with the beach.  It is ingrained in our culture and has been for over a century.  You only have to look at where almost all our capital cities are located.

3.  MELBOURNE – Melbourne you ask?  I mean our proximity to Melbourne.

Melbourne’s population is growing so fast it is expected to surpass Sydney’s within the next 20 years, and has always ranked highly on the liveability lists.

Knight Frank has just released its global wealth report for 2017 and in it are listed its seven potential property hotspots.

You guessed it, Melbourne was on the list.  The other cities were Amsterdam, Mexico City, Austin, Miami, Bangalore and Berlin.

Given our proximity to Melbourne as well as our relationships to the coast and looking at recent history, my answer is that whilst we will have periods of stagnant growth, I can never see prices going backwards.

Coastal real estate is, and will remain a solid investment.

James Worssam


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