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I have made a number of references in recent blogs to off market sales that we have achieved. Only last week we sold another in the area for a figure in excess of $2M in the Fairhaven/Moggs Creek area.

I also read with interest an article in the ‘Weekend Australian’ on Saturday, which claimed that:

“In areas where demand remains high and stock levels at historic lows, career agents are happily playing matchmaker using their contacts and databases …. to secure record prices for their vendors who have taken the off market sales route”

Whilst this article is a little simplistic, the concept is correct.

Our agency has in fact sold two off market properties in the local area for $2M or above in the last few months.

In a move that I find slightly contradictory, there is now a website which specialises in off market property. Surely if it features on the World Wide Web it is hardly a secret?! Maybe its just me …..

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