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I read with interest today an article about Australian lifespans.

Written in the Sydney Morning Herald a century and a half ago, a newborn colonist was given just 45.6 years.  One published today would give that newborn boy 80.4 years and a newborn girl 84.6.

The figures depend on which electorate you live in, whether or not you had higher education and of course higher income.

From the 1950’s through to the early 1970’s life expectancy scarcely grew.  Then from the early 1970’s we got serious.  Serious about smoking and alcohol-related road deaths.  A decade later it was AIDS which is now almost zero.

Here’s our problem, most of the gains against young and middle aged deaths have been taken.  To extend the years maybe we are going to have to cut deaths beyond 75.

Now it’s about pills to lower heart-attacks and strokes.  Obesity is becoming a problem.

The article suggests that if we wanted to extend lives we would tax sugar and campaign against it like we did with tobacco.  And we would properly tax alcohol and ban its advertising.

But we are not like we were in the 1970’s and we appear to have become happy with the years we’ve got.  It seems we’ve become happy not to live too far beyond 90.

What about you?  What age would you be happy with?


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