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I received an email today from a fellow who recently moved into his new beach house on the cliff tops in Aireys Inlet. Let’s call him ‘Simon’.

Simon wrote:

‘Hi James, just a quick note to say thank you for your work in getting us into this property. We’ve spent most of January here and couldn’t be happier. It really is exactly our dream.

If I could give a message to all down-sizing Melbournians, it would be that if you see a coastal property you’re interested in, ask if it’s for sale. The response can be very satisfying.

It’s just that we were so despondent that there was so little on the market. We knew nothing of ‘off-market’ sales. Worth pushing in your weekly message. We’re really very happy. I may well give you a hug when I see you – you’ve been warned!’

What Simon is referring to is that he and his wife had holiday rented the house a number of times. Whilst they were sporadically renting, they had been looking to purchase a property in just such a location. They were very specific with their brief of where they wanted to be. They asked if the owner of the house they were renting would sell. I spoke to the owner and the response was negative.

Around six months down the track however things changed for the vendor and he decided to sell. We decided to take the property to auction and I contacted Simon. He told me he didn’t want to bid at auction and made a written offer with terms to suit the vendor. The price was also amenable to the vendor and a deal was done. It was one of the highest prices paid in Aireys Inlet and justifiably so!

It just goes to show. Simon was concise as to his requirements and had all his ‘ducks in a row’ and therefore when the right property came up he was able to act swiftly. If you don’t ask, you don’t get…


James Worssam


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