Our Backyard – Aireys Inlet

The Surf Coast was pounded by a strong groundswell late last week and into the weekend.

A number of real estate agents and tradies indulged themselves on various days. Your author also had a couple of very fun surfs, in particular late on Thursday. As I walked up the beach following this surf I felt absolutely fantastic and wondered if there were any scientific health benefits to swimming in sea water?

Apparently Hippocrates first used the word ‘thalassotherapy’ to describe the healing effects of seawater. Ancient Greeks appreciated the health and beauty benefits of this mineral-rich water and bathed and soaked in sea water-filled pools and hot tubs. Among several benefits, swimming in seawater can help improve your immune system function, improve circulation, promote overall well-being and hydrate your skin.

I’ll remind my colleagues next time I disappear for a surf that I am simply looking after my well being!

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