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Are you embarrassed to be an Australian?

Following the events of the past week by the Australian test cricket team, I certainly am.  For years we have been very quick to judge other teams questionable tactics.  Now we are the ones in the spotlight and there is nowhere to hide.

Captain, Vice Captain and who else?

Now those at the top are also under fire, more for their response and lack of action, although that has yet to be fully played out.

What I did find interesting to see was how Australia responded to the critics in their second innings.  They say that so much of elite sport is ‘played above the shoulders’ and to see the Australians bowled out for a paltry 107, only underlines the theory.

With one test to come in the series and our best two batsmen out, it will be interesting to see how the rest of the team responds.  For many it will make or break careers.

Thank heavens we have the footy to distract us…

Its the busy Easter long weekend for most of you and the last of the crowds on the coast for sometime. The surf forecast is for solid surf so the Bells Beach Easter Classic should be great to watch if you can there. Either  way, Have a safe and happy Easter.



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