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Our Backyard – Aireys Inlet

Surely this amazing stretch of weather cannot continue?

Well don’t get ready for winter just yet.  Warm weather is set to continue throughout May after temperature records tumbled in a sweltering April.

The maximum temperatures in early April were 8′ above average nationwide while they were 12′ higher in parts of WA, NSW, Victoria and SA.

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Our Backyard – Aireys Inlet

Smoke was evident yesterday as firefighters conducted a burn off at the end of the beach at Spout Creek, known to many of us as a surf spot called Hunters.

It turns out that this wasn’t a standard burn off at all. It was in fact part of an investigation into the murder of a 22 year old man in Melbourne last year.

Police believe the shooters of the man were part … Continue Reading »

Our Backyard – Aireys Inlet

Have you ever heard of Lesotho? No, neither had I until I saw the running of the women’s 10,000 metres at the Commonwealth Games on Monday night.

Lesotho for those of you who don’t know, is an enclaved country in southern Africa, completely surrounded by South Africa. It is just over 30,000km in size with a population of around 2 million.

Australia had three competitors in the race. Lesotho one, Lineo Chaka.

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Our Backyard – Aireys Inlet

What a shame, but what a champion.

Mighty Mick Fanning may have lost the final at the Rip Curl Pro yesterday at Bells Beach, but he lost no friends in the process.

Surfing doesn’t get the coverage of other mainstream sports in this country which is a little surprising given Australia’s dominance of the sport in the past, but Mick Fanning should go down as one of Australia’s great sportsmen.

This event was … Continue Reading »