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One of the most asked questions we get as agents is ‘So, how’s the market?’

Thankfully for most of the past two decades the answer has consistently been ‘Good.  Very good’.

One might look at the internet and see how few properties are for sale and think that the market is quiet at the moment, but that is not necessarily the case.

A prime example of this was the recent sale of 4 Berthon Street, Aireys Inlet.  In fact I made reference to this in my blog back on May 7.  The gorgeous house had generated lots of interest in its four weeks on the market and it was eventually sold by way of private auction between four parties.  The price was almost 30% above the asking price!

Another example is currently being seen with the sale of 40 Hartley Street, Aireys Inlet.  Only listed last week, it looks like it will be contracted before the weekend for a figure very close to the asking price.

Despite the weather cooling, the market certainly is not.

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