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It had been a fairly dry June on the coast up until the weekend. In Aireys Inlet on Saturday and Sunday we received over 36mm of rain and single digit temperatures for much of each day.

As a result the Painkalac River was full and beginning to pose a threat to a few properties.  It took two takes, but the shire successfully opened the river mouth yesterday and the water receded into the ocean and calm was restored.


Today marks the shortest day of the year with the winter solstice tonight at 8.07pm.

What is the winter solstice?

Solstice originates from the Latin word ‘solstitium’ which means sun-stopping.

The point on the horizon where the sun appears to rise and set stops and reverses direction after this day.  On the solstice , the sun does not rise precisely in the east, but rises to the north of east and sets to the north of west meaning it’s visible in the sky for a longer period of time.

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