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For the second time in three weeks, a savvy buyer has snapped up a property after reading this blog, before the property has gone to the open market.  Two weeks ago it was 1 Lighthouse Road, Aireys Inlet.  This week it was 9A Banool Road, Fairhaven.

On other matters, new laws introduced in Parliament this week will require agents to disclose unfavourable facts about a property upfront as part of the sales process.  This includes disclosing whether a property has been the scene of a crime, tragic accident or other such episode.  Current laws require agents and vendors to make these disclosures only when asked.

The increase in the renting of short stay apartments predominantly via the use of Airbnb has seen the Government set to introduce a bill making owners liable for any damage, noise or loss of amenity caused by their guests.

In the new laws, VCAT has also been given new powers to award compensation of up to $2,000 to neighbours, payable by the owners, and ban short-stay apartments that are repeatedly used for unruly parties.

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