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There is an old saying in football circles that everyone truly barracks for two teams.

The team you support, and whoever is playing Collingwood.

This weekend I will have to discard my distaste of all interstate teams, and pledge allegiance to the mighty West Coast Eagles. Anything is better than a Collingwood win! That said, I will be glued to a screen for the big game so please try to avoid asking for an inspection between 2 and 5pm Saturday. Consequently there will be no Open For Viewings on Saturday but we will have a handful open on Sunday. Please look out for a new listing in Pearse Road, Aireys Inlet which will be coming up soon.

Also, our revamped office is taking shape and will be operating under almost full steam from Saturday morning. Pop in and say hello, but preferably not if you’re a Collingwood supporter…

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James Worssam                                                        Ben Jackson

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