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The ATO announced that they intend to crackdown on holiday home owners claiming deductions when their properties were not available to be rented, or when they were being occupied by family, friends or relatives for free.

In other cases,  owners claimed deductions for holiday homes that were not available for rent, and were advertised only by word of mouth or outside of holiday seasons. In some situations, homes were inaccessible or advertised with very high rents that decreased the chances of the property being rented.

Perhaps seek advice as to your personal situation should be you claiming deductions on your holiday house.

It looks like being another warm weekend on the way with temperatures in the 30s forecast for Melbourne. Despite all the rain that hit Melbourne on Wednesday, we didn’t see any of it down here. In fact Aireys Inlet has only recorded 2.8mm for the whole month of January, 2.4mm of which fell on the 18th. Parts of Melbourne received up to 24mm on Wednesday alone. It would be nice if it were a little more evenly distributed!


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