Our Backyard – Aireys Inlet

A week of amazing weather was accompanied by some great conditions for surfers earlier in the week with a strong swell hitting the coast, especially Tuesday and Wednesday.  Unfortunately, this great weather is forecast to turn feral over the weekend, so be prepared.

Regularly as agents we are asked to offer our opinion on the market and a number of times this week I have replied, ‘Frustrating!’  Twice this week we have got very close on negotiations only to see vendors withdraw their properties from sale in the hope of getting a better price down the track. Oh well, c’est la vie…

The market has shown however that those who are realistic about values and present their properties accordingly are seeing results.  We contracted a house this week after only three weeks on the market.  The house was priced based on our opinion of value as local real estate agent experts.  The house had previously been for sale with a Geelong agent for three months.  Sometimes it pays to listen to the local agents…


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