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Now that we are well into Spring and with the silly season approaching, it is an opportune time to sell coastal property or at least to start the selling process.
Following are my ten tips to do before selling your property.
1. Clear the clutter: Decluttering doesn’t need to be a chore. Use it as an opportunity to rid yourself of the unnecessary stuff that tends to follow you around from house to house.
2. De-personalise: People like to imagine themselves living in a place, not you. Take down the family portraits, put away the pet paraphernalia and embrace neutral colours.
3. Touch up any rough edges: You might not see the dings and scratches in a house that you’ve lived in for a while but potential buyers will. Cover up all the scuffs and scrapes from things like door jambs.
4. Neutralise wall colours: Give potential buyers the chance to make their own mark on the house, which means bring it back to a neutral space.
5. Clean. Everywhere: I can’t emphasize this enough. Remote places like windows, inside cupboards and the garage as this makes an enormous difference to the overall impression and suggests an entirely fresh lifestyle.
6. Emphasize storage: One of the most important things potential buyers will be looking for will be spaces to store their stuff. Minimise clothing in cupboards and keep everything folded and as neat as an upmarket store.

7. Secure valuables: It seems obvious but don’t forget to pack away loose cash and small items such as jewellery or watches. While it is very rare, it is possible.
8. Get objective: It’s often a good idea to have an agent or a stylist walk through the house to give an objective view.
9. Consider styling: Invite a stylist to walk through your property and give their impressions and ideas.
10. Choose an agent: You may think you need to get a little further down the line before connecting with an agent, however the right agent will be a fountain of knowledge and provide helpful guidance along the way as you journey towards getting the best price for your property.
Of course, we would love to be able to assist you with this final item.

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