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You would have to be an ostrich with your head well and truly buried in the sand not to be aware that bush fires are raging across parts of the country right now.

A Code Red – the states highest bushfire warning level – was declared across the Mallee and northern region yesterday.  It is the first time a Code Red has been declared in Victoria since 2010.  A total fire ban was also declared across the state.

I personally wasn’t in Aireys Inlet in 1983 but a close friend of mine lost her father in law in the Ash Wednesday fires.

Given that the fire season has started, it is a good idea to stop and think what would you do in the unfortunate event of a bushfire.

The CFA advises to leave early.  On a Code Red day, leaving high risk bushfire areas the night before or early in the morning is the safest option.

Don’t rely on an official warning to leave.

*             Organise where to go

*             Plan your route

*             What to do before you leave

*             Close all door and windows

*             Move doormats and outdoor furniture away from the house

*             Block the downpipes and partially fill the gutters with water

*             Turn off gas supply

Know when it’s safe to return.  Check with police, fire authorities and your local emergency services before trying to go home.

Have a backup plan if you can’t leave.  Fires are unpredictable and plans can fail.  Having a backup plan can save your life if you are caught in a fire.

The CFA website has guides to help you plan on their website. Click on the CFA logo below: 

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