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It’s our last blog for 2019 and rather than reflect on 2019, since we can’t change it anyway, let’s look forward to 2020, with optimism and excitement.
Have you thought about your new year’s resolutions yet? Can you recall what resolutions you made this time last year and did you follow through on them? Perhaps you planned to lose some weight? To walk/run more? To drink less? I find many people get hung up if they fall short of their goals and see it as a failure but I think this is the wrong approach. So you planned to shed perhaps ten kilograms and you shed only eight? You fell short of your goal but surely you should be happy that you are carrying eight less kilograms than you were? It’s all a step in the right direction (excuse the pun).
Most importantly of all stay safe next Tuesday night and I look forward to communicating with you in 2020.

James Worssam
0418 585 815

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