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This week my inbox, and I’m sure your inbox as well, has been flooded with emails about Covid-19 and the dreaded virus. Real estate groups, the real estate institute, suppliers, photographers, the list goes on. I had a coffee Thursday morning with a friend of mine whose company laid off fifty workers on Tuesday!

In my almost five decades on earth, these are unprecedented times. Certainly in my adult life.

Amongst all the doom and gloom however, our permanent rental manger relayed to me a story that made me smile, and in fact almost tear up.

One of our tenants in Aireys Inlet is a single fellow who lives in the house alone. He has always paid his rent on time and been a model tenant. He is employed in the hospitality industry on the coast and last week was laid off immediately and is unable to pay his rent.

Our gorgeous landlord, rather than seeking his eviction, offered him three months rent free to allow him time to get back on his feet. How nice is that? Good on you Barb. I only hope that there are more landlords like you as this won’t be the first time we see tenants struggling to pay rent for a while.

Due to the new restrictions placed on our industry by the government, we are no longer able to hold Open For Viewings of properties so all inspections are to be by appointment only for the time being. At this stage we are still allowed to operate and we will be available to show you any property by appointment only.

James Worssam
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