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Well, what a world we are living in. As I paddled out at a local surf break this morning, for just a moment I was removed from all of the crazy stuff that has been happening. Unfortunately it was only a fleeting moment. Working from home, for many it is schooling from home, bans on non-essential travel. The list goes on…

A local plumber was fined $1,600 this week for going for a surf near Lorne! Other local surfers were ‘joking’ in the water this morning asking for people’s postcodes and politely suggesting that they surf at home. One chap retorted that the surf wasn’t much good in Elwood today!

As you can imagine real estate sales are a little slow at the moment but there are negotiations going on. Buyers are expecting to get vastly reduced prices but thankfully we are not seeing any distressed sellers at this time. If you are genuine about purchasing at the moment, don’t rely on what you see on the real estate portals as we have quite a few off market offerings. Just call us for further information.

Stay safe, stay apart but stay together.

James Worssam
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