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For many, this recent time spent working from home has been a real eye opener. Personally it has made me realise that much of the time spent actually in the office is not necessarily the most efficient use of my working hours.

For many, gone is the daily commute through city or suburban traffic which can consume hours per day equating to around a full day over the course of a week.

A Gallop poll found the majority of adults working from home would prefer to do ‘as much as possible’ from home after the pandemic. Many have found new heights of productivity away from meetings and office chit chat.

Many cities have also noticed reduced air pollution by avoiding commutes by car, not to mention the stresses that can accompany peak hour traffic. For many, there are savings on fuel and day care.

Companies could also spend less on real estate with the need for office space greatly reduced. There is also less likelihood of employees catching communicable diseases, colds, flu etc. Also it could give us more time for fitness or general exercise at home.

It is believed the pandemic will have shown managers that workers can be trusted to do their jobs without constant supervision.

Of course, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there for this Sunday!

No doubt celebrations will be different to previous years with restaurants etc all closed. Also for the elderly, contact with young ones is not encouraged, however, we wish all the mums a fabulous day in whatever way they celebrate it.

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