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With the announcement of restrictions being further wound back to include overnight stays from June 1st we saw a flurry of activity on the holiday accommodation front. After being locked down at home 24/7 (and some juggling home schooling and working) it seems many are very excited about the prospect of escaping!

As we slowly ease back into some semblance of normality, buyer sentiment appears to be picking up with activity on the rise. We’ve had a Moggs property settle this week and negotiations are underway on another three properties. Stock levels remain tight and while we are heading into winter, buyers are not heading into hibernation with interest around. It looks like Winter in Aireys is set to be a busy one.

It has been interesting to read about the potential impact on COVID-19 on regional property markets. Many people who felt tied to their desks in urban centres are now realising they can quite easily work remotely and this may lead to an upswing in buyers making the tree/sea change to areas like ours. And who could blame them? I know where I’d rather work and play!

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