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The construction of the new Moggs Creek bridge is coming along nicely. The manager of the project told me that they expect cars will be able to drive over it by the end of the month. Either way, it isn’t far away from completion after many local rumours that they were months behind schedule.

In local real estate news the market continues along very nicely for this time of year. Our office has completed two off market sales this week (one in Moggs Creek and one in Aireys Inlet), although we are seeing the banks are taking more time to complete approvals in the post-Covid environment. The number of available listings is continuing to prove a problem, hence the increase in off market activity.

We are also letting you know that after over fifteen years at the helm, Marilyn Armstrong will be retiring on June 30.

For all of you who have visited our office between Mondays and Fridays you will have seen Marilyn holding the fort with aplomb. Marilyn is looking forward to working on her golf game and spending more time with the grandchildren. Don’t be afraid to pop in over the next week and say your goodbyes.

James Worssam
0418 585 815

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