Our Backyard – Aireys Inlet

Whilst many other parts of the world struggle to maintain the spread of COVID-19, it seems that Victoria has, for the moment at least, got things under control.

Today Victoria recorded the seventh consecutive day of no new cases and no deaths. Melbourne’s 14 day rolling average of new cases has dropped to 1.3. Congratulations Melbourne.

It is expected that restrictions will still be eased further from midnight Sunday. This will no doubt see hordes of frustrated Melbournians heading to regional areas, including our spectacular slice of the world on the Great Ocean Road.

Everyone is holding their breath to see how this turns out and hopefully all businesses here that have struggled to survive these times, will enjoy a bountiful late spring and summer ahead. If you are coming down, please be respectful of everyone and please continue to do the right thing.

No doubt the headlines will continue to be dominated by the virus and the presidential election in the USA. If you ever had any doubt that we live in one of the best countries in the world, you only have to look at the farce going on over there to appreciate both our legal system and electoral system. I know this isn’t the platform for political views, but seriously…

Bring on a safe and prosperous summer!

James Worssam

0418 585 815 | james@greatoceanroadrealestate.com.au

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