Our backyard – Aireys Inlet

As expected, the restrictions were eased on Sunday night and the influx of people to the coast began not long after.

I ate at a local restaurant on Wednesday night with some good friends from Melbourne who were so happy to be back down the beach after many months of lock down when they were unable to access their beach house as they were determined to do the right thing and stay within Melbourne’s ‘ring of steel’.

A round of golf at Anglesea, followed by some drinks and then a lovely dinner at A La Grecque was a stark reminder for them as to how much they had missed Aireys Inlet. And it would appear that they are not the only ones. Airbnb country manager Susan Wheeldon said there was ‘incredible enthusiasm’ for regional holiday homes within driving distance of Melbourne and Geelong. In fact Aireys Inlet was second on the list in Victoria in searched areas for December and January.

It would seem that the secret is out…

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