Our Backyard – Aireys Inlet

The area has been abuzz this week after a huge sperm whale washed ashore at Fairhaven. The 18m male washed up on Tuesday after being spotted floating off the beach at Moggs Creek on Monday night. I personally was watching it from home through binoculars as it was being attacked by birds and rather large fish…

This activity prompted a warning from authorities of increased shark activity in the area. Thankfully the run of poor surf has continued so there was little temptation to venture out for a surf. That said, a local Moggs Creek surfer was chased out of the water at Moggs on Tuesday by a 2m shark. Probably not the ideal time to go for a surf. Work to remove the massive mammal, estimated to weigh about 65 tonnes, began on Tuesday afternoon and was successfully completed before the tide came in and the sun disappeared.

The carcass was dissected by large equipment and was loaded onto a number of trucks and taken to apparently, the Anglesea tip. Some photos are below but make sure not to look too closely if you have recently had a meal!

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